Apr 212019

Hello and Welcome to the Houston Shaolin Temple site! Starting in early May 2019 we will be making regular weekly posts. In addition to information about the temple, we will also be publishing interesting interviews, discussions, videos, photos and other media. Currently we are testing out new features and getting our admin up to date. Please check back with us soon!

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Dec 082014
Our Blog is Live!!

For all of the latest news, updates, photos videos and events of our school please go to our Blog! It will be regularly updated. Also please don’t forget to like us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/shaolinhouston Click here for our Blog

Aug 102014
Training Seven Star Fist

Shaolin Seven Star Fist: is one of the most ancient boxing techniques. There is a variety of attack and defense techniques with its well knit structure, ingenious positions, flexibility and practicality and is brief but extremely vigorous. Shaolin Seven Star Fist looks small and short when watching the performance, but more condense and intrepid when […]

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