The original Shaolin Temple, located on Songshan Mountain in Henan Province, China, is legendary for its kung fu. Throughout history, many famous martial arts heroes have come from this temple. Among all the styles recognized in the field of international martial arts, Shaolin kung fu is unique. It is characterized by its blending of explosive power and fluid movement. The system is based on relatively simple techniques that ultimately combine to form an impenetrable defense and an extremely effective counterattack.
There is now an opportunity here in Houston to learn the ancient martial art of Shaolin Kungfu under the guidance of Master Shi De Shan (Dasifu), a 31st generation Shaolin monk. Dasifu has been teaching Shaolin kung fu in Houston for over 20 years. He came to Houston from China to spread the teaching of Shaolin Chan Kungfu. Now Houston students don’t have to go to Song Mountain where the original Shaolin Temple is located. The mountain has come to them.
Shaolin kung fu is not aggressive, but rather strong and peaceful. The Shaolin Order is actually the cradle of the Buddhist monastic movement westerners call Zen, known in Chinese as Chan. Chan is a form of Buddhism that rejects dogma as ultimate authority and teaches spiritual self-development through meditation. For the Shaolin this meditative state is found in body movement. Shaolin follows the Chinese proverb Chan Quan Yi Ti – Zen Fist One Body – meaning that martial arts and buddhism are one. The purpose of Shaolin Kungfu is not domination or intimidation but to train a strong body, mind, and spirit.
Although students learn the ancient skills that have made Shaolin legendary worldwide as the pinnacle of martial arts, they also learn the attitude of compassion and peace that make Shaolin one of the oldest and most esteemed monastic orders of Chinese Chan Buddhism
Dasifu’s goal is to provide quality and effective training along with a friendly and safe environment for everyone, especially beginners. The temple has 10,000 square feet of air-conditioned training space, with qualified instructors who care about them. Classes are virtually injury free. We encourage cooperation rather than competition. Dasifu feels that discipline combined with a friendly environment can bring out the very best in a person.

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