Now Grandmaster Shi de Shan, a 31st Generation Shaolin kung fu monk, has brought genuine Shaolin mastery to the Houston, Texas area. Shi Su Yun, a 30th generation martial monk, accepted him as a disciple and gave him the religious name Shi De Shan (“Shan” means “Mountain”). Shi De Shan’s specialties are traditional Shaolin kungfu bare hand and weapons, hard qi gong and san da (san shou) sparring. After completing his training, he remained in residence at the temple for a number of years as an instructor, primarily teaching Chinese military and police personnel. He took care of Shaolin monk generations 1985 through 1997. In 1998, Dasifu left China to perform in “Shaolin Kung fu of China” a 30 nation demonstration tour…

After completing the tour, the Shaolin Temple gave him permission to remain in the United States, open a Shaolin Temple school in Houston, Texas and promote Shaolin philosophy in America. Now, thanks to his efforts, he has been instructing his students in the path of fitness, respect and honor for over ten years. Thanks to him and his dedicated staff, this Temple produces world recognized athletes and martial art champions while providing his students with valuable skills and morals that will help them for the rest of their lives. His travels have garnered him international reputation and many students have sought him out.

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