Sparring class is offered three times a week. The class offers two options. The first is training in modem competition fighting (also known in the U.S. as “san shoo,’ “san da” or “Chinese kick boxing”) which teaches full contact sparring with emphasis on kicking, punching and takedown techniques. The second option is training in Yi Quan, a fighting technique which emphasizes the cultivation and utilization of qi to increase power and effectiveness in sparring.

Master Shi De Shan has served as the martial art instructor to the Chinese police academy. His classes taught the most effective fighting techniques used by the Shaolin Monks. He has taught at the Wushuguan, a facility designed to share Shaolin Kung fu with the world. When it was founded, it was the largest facility devoted exclusively to kung fu in China, possibly the world. And it was staffed with a teaching faculty of Shaolin wuseng.

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