Wushu – Longfist


Wushu – Competition Training – LONGFIST

A Longfist class (or “chang quan” — which is basically modernized amalgamation of re-interpeted movements from various Shaolin styles) is in many ways the adolescent equivalent of Tong Zi Gong (for small children), and is offered daily from 7pm to 8pm, Tues – Sun. This class teaches the modern competition routines (standardized by the Chinese government) and focuses on improving the student’s speed, flexibility, agility and ability to score competition points.

Warm up, cardiovascular, stretching, and strength-training exercises are taught in order to improve skill, stamina, strength, flexibility and overall health. All classes start with warm up and stretching exercises. Beginning students are taught a strong foundation in Chinese martial arts and exercises that will assist them throughout each development of training. Overall, Modern wushu is akin to a type of performance dance that incoporates martial arts styled movements.

The majority of Longfist classes focus on perfecting performance forms for self-improvement and competition. These forms are typically a series of newly choreographed movements that together form a performance set. Forms improve coordination, concentration, cardiovascular stamina, physical strength, and grace. They encompass a wide spectrum of different types of movements.

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