TAIJIQUAN – Tai Chi Chuan – Chen Style

“Grand Ultimate Fist.” A Chinese internal art form that is based in the principles of Yin and Yang. Taiji is characterized by wave-like motion, power releases that resemble shaking or shuddering, and long forms that are practiced with slow, relaxed movements. Today’s predominant styles of Tai Chi are Yang, Sun, Wu, and Chen.

The temple offers classes in Chen Style Taiji. In China Dasifu taught Shaolin Kung fu in Chen Village and studied with a number of Chen Style masters.

Classes are held 3 times a week (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday). Beginning students learn the Lao Jia Yi Lu ( first routine) and push hands techniques. More advanced students may progress to Lao Jia Ever Lu (Cannon Fist) and Taiji sword.

Taiji is practiced normally slowly, because there is so much involved in each movement. Form, breath, and intention are only the basic principles to focus on. There are many nuances to each move, and can only be revealed by understanding and practicing the form. Tai Chi Ch’uan is a 1000-year-old system of exercise known worldwide for its health benefits. Dubbed as “moving meditation”, its slow and graceful movements teach the student to relax the body, as well as the mind, which is most important for both health a martial purposes. Tai Chi is effective in reducing stress and relieving chronic pain. What most people don’t understand is that Taiji (Tai Chi) Chuan is, and has always been, a phenomenal self-defense art. Much has been lost in Taiji, but Chen STyle retains not only the original characteristics of the original Taiji, but also its wealth of self-defense wisdom.