Shaolin Kung Fu

The Zhongyue Shaolin Temple’s gung fu classes focus on traditional Shaolin style training. Students learn basic and advanced fighting techniques and applications, as well as traditional bare hand and weapons forms. Beginning students focus on Shaolin basics and drills. Intermediate students continue basic training, and are introduced to more difficult forms and applications, including training in staff and broadsword. At the advanced level, students study increasingly difficult forms, including animal and specialty styles, as well as spear, straight sword, advanced and double weapons.


The Shaolin philosophy of meditation in movement is what Dasifu imparts to our students, along with focus of the mind on what one is doing, completely. Shaolin advocates a peaceful state of mind known as Wu Wei or no-mindedness (no extra thoughts between you and the action being performed). Wu Wei is the essence of Shaolin and Chan Buddhist philosophy of action. Shaolin kung fu is an excellent way to practice putting Wu Wei into action in our daily lives and is a means of improving our quality of living. In this way, Shaolin gung fu can give a student a better mental attitude and outlook on life. Shaolin also teaches students that one should do one’s best, and that there is no peace in the disgrace or harm of others. The gentle way is always preferred as the first option, and leaving no trace is the best path to enlightenment for the warrior. Shaolin Kung Fu is based on theShaolin 18 Movements which developed from execises taught to the monks at Shaolin Temple by Bodhidarma.